(All comments are from former students of Dr. French)

Dr. Austin French's Logic and Understanding in Mathematics is a great course for students in both areas of mathematics and computer science. His no-note-taking style of textbook creates a prime atmosphere for anyone to fully learn the topics of discrete mathematics. But, the course is much more than just a semester's worth of math. Dr. French adds many "truth nuggets" along the way that shed some light on how to grasp the coursework using tips from the Bible and Dr. French's own personal experience. His "truth nuggets" are hard to forget, and these tips still help me in ANY course I take and in basically any facet of life. I recommend his textbook series to anyone who wants to learn about these areas of math, or anyone who wants to learn to be a better thinker and a better person (and learn a little bit of math too).

Hodgenville, KY
Georgetown College

I believe that Dr. French is an excellent teacher and would be no matter what teaching material he chose to use, but the no note-taking format of the class was so beneficial. The way the class is set up allows a student to have notes to use on their own but be able to follow along better in class without worrying about getting everything down and falling behind. I still remember some of the truth gems today. They always seemed to start the class off right. This style of learning works to the advantages of all those learning because it has something for everyone.

Winchester, KY
Georgetown College

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