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Calculus I   Testimonial from Former Calculus I Student
Calculus I is a full semester of mathematics.

Dr. Austin French teaches using the PowerPoint method, with his picture inserted, so you can watch him teach while looking at his notes. You'll find that the DVDs are very helpful in explaining the notes of the course. His "no note taking " methods are a talked about item at the Georgetown College in KY.


This learning system consists of the textbook, a supplementary materials book that contains many problems worked in detail, practice tests and real tests with answer keys and a set of DVDs with 38 teaching sessions.

See the TABLE of CONTENTS for specific subjects covered by this course.


This is your beginning college level differential calculus course that will prepare you for integral calculus. It is common for well prepared students to take this in high school now. Once students have done well in Algebra II and have a knowledge of trigonometry they are ready for calculus. Sufficient trigonometry knowledge for this course is found in courses called Advanced Math or Pre-calculus. The needed topics are sine, cosine, tangent trig identities, etc.  Free online is Jugular Trig by Heart (Timeless Trigonometry for Calculus).  This is the book Dr. French has written to give the needed trig for calculus.

**web authors note: I found Dr French's courses easy to follow and understandable even though I have been out of school for 20+ yrs and didn't have all the requirements (except a math aptitude).



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Dr. Austin French  Teaching

"I did not have any calculus in high school, so I was a bit worried about taking calculus in college, but it turned out I had no reason to be anxious in Dr. French's calculus class. Dr. French brings such enthusiasm to his teaching that students cannot help but get excited about math. Everything must be made clear for Dr. French's students, and he explains concepts in easy to understand (and often funny) ways so that students can grasp them. He emphasizes that each problem can be solved, we just need to use our "weapons of math destruction" suited to the problem. Not having to take notes is such a blessing in a math course; you can focus all of your attention on learning and fully comprehending the material for that class, rather than trying to scribble down in your notebook what the professor said 3 sentences ago, while still trying to listen to what he is saying at the present moment - this gets so many math students lost and frustrated! Dr. French's truth gems are also an indispensable part of his course; they are really encouraging to math students. I never knew that the Bible could apply to my study of calculus before! Dr. French made calculus fun for me. Because of him and the wonderful experience I had in his course and the math self-confidence I gained taking his course, I have decided to surpass my major requirements and go on to take higher level calculus courses."

Georgetown College
Georgetown, Kentucky



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"no note taking"

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