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Algebra is a full semester of college algebra (= a year of a well developed high school Algebra II course).

Dr. Austin French teaches with his picture inserted, so you can watch him teach while looking at his notes. You'll find that the DVDs are very helpful in explaining the notes of the course. His "no note taking " method has been used effectively at Georgetown College in KY.


This learning system consists of the textbook, a supplementary materials book that contains many problems worked in detail, practice tests and real tests with answer keys and a set of DVDs with 53 teaching sessions.

See the TABLE of CONTENTS for specific subjects covered by this course.


The truth is, this is a  College Algebra course (= a well developed high school Algebra II course). This is supposed to be learned before college. However, the reason it is also taught in college is so few students learned it in high school.

**web authors note: I found Dr French's courses easy to follow and understandable even though I have been out of school for 20+ yrs and didn't have all the requirements (except a math aptitude).


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Dr. Austin French  Teaching

First of all I would like to say that Dr. French's Algebra class was the first, and only for that matter, math class I have ever really enjoyed. I received the best math grade I have ever gotten and I truly believe that it was because of his teaching methods. His "no note-taking" style of teaching was great, because I was able to write down my own comments along side of the notes therefore able to pay more attention and have more detailed notes to studying from. I wasn't writing furiously trying to catch up. I was always right on track with him. His truth gems were wonderful to begin with, partially because he was so enthusiastic which definitely was contagious, and also because it was simply encouraging. I believe that in order to tackle something difficult (like math) we need to get a little help from "the big man upstairs." This is exactly what the truth gems allowed us to do.

Atlanta, Georgia
Georgetown College




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