(All comments are from former students of Dr. French)

Dr. French's College Algebra class was awesome. His teaching style and joy that he brought to the room actually made Math fun (believe it or not). He wrote his own text book that allowed us students to not have to take notes, which was a remarkable idea. The no note idea allowed us to pay full attention to the board but had everything to still look back at when we were in the dorm. His Truth Gems were also a great addition to his class. Dr. French adds a whole new level to math. I sure do appreciate his class and his innovations that helped me learn.

Georgetown, KY
Georgetown College

First of all I would like to say that Dr. French's Algebra class was the first, and only for that matter, math class I have ever really enjoyed. I received the best math grade I have ever gotten and I truly believe that it was because of his teaching methods. His "no note-taking" style of teaching was great, because I was able to write down my own comments along side of the notes therefore able to pay more attention and have more detailed notes to studying from. I wasn't writing furiously trying to catch up. I was always right on track with him. His truth gems were wonderful to begin with, partially because he was so enthusiastic which definitely was contagious, and also because it was simply encouraging. I believe that in order to tackle something difficult (like math) we need to get a little help from "the big man upstairs." This is exactly what the truth gems allowed us to do.

Atlanta, Georgia
Georgetown College

The Algebra class Dr. French taught was very different from any other math class I have ever experienced. I am not the kind of person who enjoys math or is even good at it; however, Dr. French's method and work book made math enjoyable for even me. I learned a great deal, and it was not boring or exhausting.
"it was a great class"

Louisville, KY
Georgetown College

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