???? A test tests the heart, not just the head (Deut. 8:2).? It tests if the test taker has a heart with a desire to study wisely.

???? This book is a truly simple way to test algebra students.? The book has so many questions (874) that it would be about impossible for the student to memorize the answers.? If the student memorized the answers, then they would have a wealth of algebra knowledge anyway.? The questions are all multiple choice with some having derivations involved in the multiple choice answers.? The answers are in the back of the book.

???? The questions come exactly from the text, Algebra II by Heart.? As the student watches the DVDs of the teachings they can get understanding of the answers.

???? Testing by this method inserts so much hope in the study process.? The student can see the direct connection between studying the text, listening to the DVDs and doing well on the test.

???? For people giving the tests that do not know much math this concept is wonderful.? Tell the student you will be tested over the first 200 questions.? The test giver can then check the answers with the back of the book!? Simple!

???? This has been class tested with great success.? Those that studied wisely did well.? Those that did not study wisely did not do well.

???? Each question has a nonsecret code with it to tell exactly where the question came from in the text.

???? This book is free by clicking on the link, free Algebra Heart-Test Questions.?